Why you should take your date to the gym

Posted on February 03 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 Hong Kong Couples

Have second thoughts about going to the gym with your other half?

We’re here to convince you that it’s the best thing you could do for your fitness routine and your relationship!



You’ll feel more motivated
We’ve all been there. The walk to the gym is sometimes the longest and most difficult on days where we just want to have a lie-in. Having a workout buddy means you’re less likely to slack off, and more likely to look forward to having fun together.

You’ll want to push yourself harder
A little bit of healthy competition is always a good thing and a great way to challenge yourself to push those boundaries. All of a sudden those goals may not seem as far away as you thought!

It’s a way of bonding
Experiencing challenges and working towards new goals together will bring you closer. Whether it’s a budding romance or if you’re well into your relationship, working out together shows a very honest side of a person you will come to appreciate even more outside of the gym.

Team Work
It’s an amazing feeling to smash that new personal record, but even more exciting to reach that new height with your special someone who shared every moment with you along the way.

You can enjoy time together afterwards
After a good workout, treat yourself and your date to some well-deserved chill-out time and enjoy the rest of your day together knowing that you’ve made it one step closer towards becoming a better, fitter and healthier you.



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Valentine's Day 2017 Hong Kong Couples


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