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Posted on March 08 2017

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At She Collective HK, we've been lucky enough to have met some amazing women who've made our vision possible.
These women are the faces behind the brands we carry, and who've inspired us to bring their stories to you. In celebrating International Women's Day, we'd like to introduce you to each of these sensational women and the unique qualities that make their designs one of a kind. 

(Designer and Founder of Rese)

Activewear Hong Kong Rese Sportswear Yoga Pilates

Pronounced as “Re-See”, Gail was inspired to encourage women to “re-see” themselves through exercise and fitness. Her vision was to create a brand that caters for all the different types of everyday women around her. As a busy woman herself, her designs are made for the multi-faceted woman to transition effortlessly from the gym to the streets; from day to night.

What we love about Gail's Rese:
Gail’s designs are all about providing maximum comfort without sacrificing in style. We love that they are versatile, and work well as staple products to have in your activewear wardrobe.


(Designer and Founder of Inner Fire)

Inner Fire Activewear Yoga Pilates

Leah started Inner Fire by chance when she discovered the art of screenprinting in preparation for making Christmas gifts for her friends and family. Bit by bit, she started designing prints for t-shirts and tank tops for yogis with a series featuring light-hearted yoga puns. She believes in practising yoga to have fun and to connect with the people around her. She hopes to inspire you to find your inner fire, to find what deepens your practice and makes you feel alive.

What we love about Leah's Inner Fire: We love Leah's hands on approach in creating the patterns for her products, and her ability to transform her art pieces into function.


(Designer and Founder of L’urv) 

L'urv Activewear Hong Kong Yoga Pilates

Libby has always had a passion for designing activewear, with her ongoing inspiration being the will to fight negativity against the way the media portrays women. As an active sportswoman herself, Libby designs for both function and style, ensuring you get the best fit and best looks from her products.

What we love about Libby's L'urv: Libby's designs are all about giving you the confidence to wear bold prints and styles that bring out your inner fashionista.


(Designer and Founder of Miss Runner)

Miss Runner Hong Kong Activewear

Hong Kong based Designer Tania has taken the city by storm and we are certainly not surprised. Tania works closely with artists around the world to create artwork on her active pieces. An unique twist and meaningful project which stems from her background as an Art & Design student, where creatives from different fields come together to create magic.

What we love about Tania’s Miss Runner: Our favourite thing about Miss Runner is her vision to connect with artists from around the world and bring their artwork to unexpected places.

Rosann Ling
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Rosann is Co-founder & Creative Director at She Collective HK. After gaining experience in London in the Interior Design and Brand Strategy field, Rosann has recently moved back to Hong Kong to co-found She Collective HK.

If she’s not busy putting together creative content at the She Collective HK HQ, you’d most likely find her at a Barre studio or gallery-hopping through Hong Kong’s diverse and ever-changing Art and Design scene!


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