5 Tip and Tricks to look fresh after the Gym

Posted on January 19 2017

Look glam after the gym post-gym make-up


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For this year's Valentine's Day campaign, we've collaborated with three inspirational Female Entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the industry. Today we talk to Diane, found of Sponge, Hong Kong's first on-demand mobile beauty service. Let's find out about her story and her 5 Tips and Tricks for keeping your look fresh after the Gym!


Tell us about your story. How did it all start?

I’m a New York lawyer who recently moved to Hong Kong. I realised Hong Kong needed a service like Sponge within a few days of moving here. Women in New York get their nails done every week at nail salons since these services are cheap. I wanted to continue my beauty routine in Hong Kong but was very surprised by how expensive Hong Kong beauty services are: nails, hair, makeup, everything. Eventually I realised that salons and spas must charge high prices to customers in order to cover their high rent expenses.

In response of the situation, my thought process was this:

1. How can I provide a beauty service that doesn’t involve real estate and hence cost less?

2. How can I offer a customer experience that is second to none, and available almost instantly, without being bound by location?

3. Solution = Sponge!


Sponge was born by taking into account what customers wanted - what I wanted - which was to pay less but yet have value-add of the convenience of having a professional come to your home at any time within 2 hours, and receive excellent customer service/experience. "



As a successful female entrepreneur running your own business, what are the crucial steps you take in making your morning routine as stress-free as possible?

I organise my day the night before. I go to the gym to clear my mind. I find that lifting weights and hot yoga help me the most. I have Sponge experts come to my home to do my hair and makeup every morning so I feel like the best version of myself to take on the day. Sponge is an affordable habit, not an indulgence, that I myself am obsessed with.

Other than that, each day is different, hectic and contains unexpected emails and events. But making an effort to clear my mind, to organise the day ahead and to get a speedy Sponge pampering session helps me deal with the unexpected. And the unexpected, to be frank, is exactly why I love being an entrepreneur.


What are your 5 tips and tricks in looking fresh after a session at the gym?


1. Dry shampoo soaks up the sweat and gives your locks volume after a session at the gym. I use Batiste because it works and it’s wallet-friendly!

2. The ponytail crease can ruin a perfect Sponge blowout after a workout. To avoid this, I use hair ribbons to tie my hair. They work like a charm. Or you can get The Athlete hair look from our Menu, which is a customised braid for a buildable hairstyle. No sweat session can undo that look and it’s the perfect style to rock at the gym!

3. I workout with my makeup on. To prep my skin for the workout, I use a setting powder that not only sets the makeup but also gives it a matte look so that my skin doesn’t become shiny after the workout. I use Cover FX Matte Setting Powder. If you don’t like a matte look, try the Skindinavia Finishing Spray. It’ll hold your makeup in place the whole day, even after a sweat session.

4. To keep my eyelash extensions looking perfect after working out, I carry a disposable eyelash mascara brush. Our Sponge eyelash extensions experts provide a complimentary eyelash mascara brush to customers at each appointment!

5. I use Nivea lip balm on my lips after a workout to moisturise my lips and to give them a glossy look. It instantly makes my face look refreshed without the stick-factor of a lip gloss.


We love how you named all the different looks on your menu. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind them?

Our Menu is a great starting point for our customers to choose the look they are going for. Our experts customise each look to customers’ preferences. The names of the looks in our Menu came from the fact that I am inspired by the women of today. We juggle so many aspects of life - career, motherhood, dreams, traveling, friendships, fitness, etc. - along with expectations that we put on ourselves and that society puts on us as well. So the Menu is an ode to women. The looks in our Menu include ‘The Go-Getter’ (a classic and glam red lip makeup look paired with subtly enhanced eyes), ‘The Boss’ (a straight blowout with a smooth and silky finish) and ‘The Believer’ (a natural eyelash extensions look). Our models who appear in our Menu aren’t real models; they are everyday women who are achieving great things in different industries. Our goal is to help women feel like the best version of themselves, then get back to what they need to do in their busy lives. And to celebrate them.


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